Knockdown Plate Racks the HITman human silhouette target Portable Static Targets
The traditional Knockdown Plate Rack with a unique twist, and built heavy duty. A staple for law enforcement and military training, as well as competitors, our Plate Rack can be a little more enjoyable for the recreational shooter.
Our Static Targets are built heavy, for years of use, whether your a professional or recreational shooter. No wood posts to shoot up and no bolts to shoot out. Our Statics sit on an AR500 stand that assembles in seconds with no tools. These targets don’t ring like our Hanging Plates, but the fixed plate angle makes them great for short range shooting with rifle, shotgun or pistol
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Our HITman (Human Image Target) is a unique reactive human silhouette shooting target made from AR500 armor steel plate. A system of hinges on the backside of the silhouette enables isolated reaction to a bullet impact, making this target a great training tool,  Our  HITman is an excellent pistol, shotgun and rifle target, for close or long range shooting. The silhouette and included hanging rack disassemble easily to make this target portable. This is a quality target designed to last for 1,000’s of rifle rounds.  
We manufacture heavy-duty pistol, shotgun and rifle targets that are durable enough for use by law enforcement, military, tactical training facilities and private shooting ranges, yet portable enough for the “weekend shooter” to take out to their favorite shooting spot
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