Our  policies: > credit cards are charged when order is placed > canceled orders are subject to a 50% cancellation fee > we do not accept returns or make exchanges once an item has shipped or been    picked-up, all shipped sales are final. Sadly, this is required, to protect our intellectual    property > we warranty our products against defects in craftsmanship, but cannot warranty or    guarantee the lifespan of a target, as we cannot control how it is used or misused. We    do our best to provide you with the information we have compiled from our testing, so    you can see for yourself how our targets hold-up to our level of abuse. Our testing is    done from considerably closer than the recommendations we provide in multiple places    on this website. Target plate and frame life is greatly affected by the caliber, distance    and rate of fire it is subjected to. No target will last forever when you shoot rifles or    shotguns at it from close range. Rather than have a warranty in which we promise    everything, but always find a way not to cover anything, we prefer to be honest. IF you do    have an issue with one of our targets, call or email us, we will do our best to resolve the    problem unless it is clearly normal wear or misuse.
At Blue Rhino Targets, our goal is make innovative products, of superior quality, at competitive prices. We are not about the lowest price on the latest piece of junk to be unloaded from an oversees container from China. Our prices may not be the lowest, but thats because we only make things one way, heavy-duty. Thats the way we like to buy, and we don’t want our name on something we aren’t proud of. We are a small family business, and thats just the way we like it. We have been in the metal fabrication business since the late 90’s, largely specializing in heavy-industrial equipment. Around 2011 we decided to add shooting targets to our product line. We have a habit of seeing things differently than other companies, and therefore typically create unique products, our new ways of making traditional products. Our business was once quite large, with international facilities. That just didn’t suit us, so for now we plan to keep our business small, so we can enjoy interacting with our customers and working on new products.
Blue Rhino Targets