$ 1,285.00
videos may take 1-2 minutes to load ( thanks youtube ban )
Contiguous United States - $260 * NO upcharge for residential or tailgate service * multiple target orders usually result in freight savings per target
*please call or email to order*
recommended minimum shooting distance
40 feet
50 yards
100 yards
rifle ( .223/5.56, 7.62x39 fmj )
rifle ( .308 fmj )
* the distances above are based on both user safety and life of the target. Please note that the ballistic characteristics of .223 / 5.56 fmj rounds make them one of the few rounds that will pit a properly reactive AR500 target. Using 223 / 5.56 fmj inside 100 yards will typically shorten the life of your target.
AR500 Rifle Armor Frame Shield Standard
Pistol Targets
Shotgun Targets
Rifle Targets
Reactive Steel Shooting Targets
Blue Rhino Targets
Our Knockdown Plate Rack can be used in the traditional way, with the AR500 targets resting down in the horizontal position after they’ve been hit
Or the AR500 targets can be allowed to fall down to the hanging position after they’ve been hit. The targets can continue to be shot in the down position, providing six more score-able targets. A simple pull of the reset lever and the targets are back up.
The angle of our target plates can be adjusted, to make them easier or more difficult to knock over. This lets you shoot our Plate Rack with pistols or rifles
Innovative design makes two Plate Rack styles in one target plates can be stopped in the horizontal position target plates can be allowed to fall to hanging position target plates can be easily reset from either position 3/8” AR500 front shield standard 3/8” AR500 target plates standard heavy-duty hinge system makes plate changing simple target plates can be reversed reset lever can be setup on either side of the rack our reset lever is simple by design and easy to operate standard target plates are 8” circle standard target spacing is 12” in center made for both pistol and rifle shooting safe for short or long range shooting tested with ARs and AKs from 35 yards tested with non magnum pistols from 30 feet tested with .308 fmj from 100 yards includes a 40’ length of 1” webbing strap for reset lever call or email for custom target shapes, sizes or spacing
Knockdown Plate Rack with six 8” circle AR500 targets and 3/8” AR500 front shield
knockdown plate rack
knockdown plate rack
knockdown plate rack
Knockdown Plate Rack