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Always exercise proper gun safety, including ear and eye protection, when firing a firearm at any type of target. Always shoot from a safe distance, in a safe direction and exercise caution. ALWAYS shoot our targets STRAIGHT-ON, do not shoot them from an angle. Whenever possible, avoid flat and hard ground between you and the target. Having irregular ground or soft ground between you and the target will also help ensure that you do not experience a ricochet. We have not had an issue with this, but there is a popular video on the internet, of a person shooting a rigid-mounted target (bad idea) over flat hard- packed surface and getting a ricochet. In our testing we have experienced no bullet splatter or ricochet back towards the shooter, traveling more than a few feet from the target, when used properly. Always watch for bullet splatter or ricochet, and increase your distance from the target as required to not be hit by the splatter or ricochet, in the event you do experience any. Always be mindful of what is behind and around your target, as things such as rocks and tires ( both of which we have seen people shoot towards ) may cause a ricochet. We have done much of our rifle and shotgun testing as close as 30 yards from the target, and while shooting at this close proximity will wear on your target plate more than longer distances, we have experienced no safety issues. To minimize the chance of ricochet or splatter back at the shooter, our targets are designed with the target plates at deflection-angles, as well as reactive to a bullet impact. Being reactive not only lets the target plate deflect the bullet away from the shooter, for safety, this also reduces the stress absorbed by the target plate, decreasing plate-wear.